Biometric Attendance

Attendance machines help in automation of attendance of the employees and can help in tracking the in and out time of employees total work duration, lunch breaks. There are several types of biometric time and attendance machines used in industry. Please click on the below type of machines to know the available models and detailed specification of the model. These are low cost and very durable time and attendance machines. These are low and best price attendance machine. Best time and attendance machine for all your needs. We are exporting these attendance machines all over the world. Monitor multiple locations from a centralized location


  • BioTime significantly reduces time and attendance costs.
  • Collects on-line information about an employee’s presence in the office.
  • Supports easy schedule creation and physical access rules.
  • Generates various reports based on a variety of criteria.
  • Integrates to existing payroll system
  • Allows you discrete control of employee access to secured, highly restricted areas and checkpoints.
  • Makes it easy to keep track of all employee movements across all company offices from a central server.